Shelf Stable Dairy Systems

For 20 years, Target Flavors has been in the business of supplying beverage manufacturers with proprietary Acidified Dairy Base systems.  These products are designed for use in high acid, low pH liquid food systems where milk or cream is a desired ingredient.

Applications include:

  • Carbonated Dairy Beverages
  • Juice / Dairy Beverages  (both still & carbonated)
  • Bag in Box systems
  • Frozen Concentrates
  • Salad Dressings
  • Cream Liqueurs

Target Acid-Dairy Systems allow the manufacturer to formulate real milk and/or cream into an acid system without precipitating protein.  For shelf stability, applications require only “hot-fill” or traditional pasteurization.  By removing the need for retort or aseptic processing, the manufacturer enjoys more plant flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Let our skilled applications specialists help you formulate a winning product.